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At AppliedPR I want to help you help your business. It’s that simple… You’ve come to me for what are probably a variety of reasons – but the outcome you seek is the same, you want to improve your business. You may need help or advice with PR, communications, media management or how to develop your company to its full potential by raising its profile, promoting a new product, producing a short film or simply by thinking in fresh ways. I also won’t tell you that you need a Twitter campaign and it’s important to sign up 100 followers in the first week if it’s not right for your business. Jumping aboard the good ship ‘Latest Fads’ is not what I’m about. The first thing I’ll want to do is understand you, what you want your business to achieve, where your customers are and how they want to progress and grow. I’ll also be expecting to spend some time just chatting and understanding your comfort zones and also where you want to challenge yourself to achieve more.


PR consultancy & strategic advice
This is about putting my arms around your business and understanding what your objectives are. Yes, there’s some theory and a few models to apply but analysing strengths and weaknesses and assessing your target markets and outputs are required. Together we can do the heavy-lifting but I’ll take the strain and produce that all-important plan and define the objectives for this year, next year and even 5-10 years down the line.
Internal & employee communications
Getting your staff on board with company objectives can be one of the hardest jobs you’ll do. Employee communications should never be treated as merely an after-thought or watered-down version of what you’re telling customers or the media. They need to be planned and managed. I can give you tools, tips and ‘How To’ guides to tip-top employee comms.
Media relations & strategy
Need a media plan but finding it hard to define exactly what that is? This is where I come in. I’ll help decipher and outline the requirements and give you the tools to achieve the coverage you need or to reach a specific audience. I’ll also help harness social media platforms and search engine optimisation. If you’ve got a crisis that needs managing and one that’s threatening your reputation, I can give advice and practical help to get past the crisis effectively.
If you’ve a project that requires ‘wordsmithing’ or a sales brochure which just needs to come to life, I can help. I produce copy for a range of channels, products and audiences: Subbing, headline, intro and standfirst writing Web and intranet writing for a variety of audiences: customers, regulators, staff, shareholders End-to-end project management for publications; from devising flat-plans to word count, photography commissioning, story pitches, writing, subbing, proofing and sign-off.
Video scripting & presentation
Making pictures and words fit and flow effectively to give a professional finish can be difficult. With my help your corporate film packages will come to life in a mix of voiceover, cue cards and direct to camera pieces that are natural, engaging and polished.
Training & ‘How To’ guides
I’ve a range of fun and informative training courses, delivered either face-to-face or by correspondence. These cover effective business writing, press releases, strategy and objectives setting, right around to good web writing, headlines and achieving SEO. Contact me for session outlines and to find out more about my ‘How To’ guides and to access some ‘Comms in a Box’ help.

About Alison

Alison McHarg

Alison McHarg

PR, Media, Communications

I've a broad range of commended business, digital and journalistic experience, combined with change management, public relations, internal communications and employee engagement expertise. This is backed-up by award winning writing and editing skills (1995 Miller Freeman National Young Writer of the Year) I love the creative elements of media and communications but enjoy the challenge of overlaying those with business strategy to achieve measurable outputs.
I'm also effective as a team player because I approach all tasks collaboratively and inclusively. I demonstrate a first class understanding of effective and accurate contemporary communication and how to maximise feedback and evaluate effectiveness. I'm comfortable operating at strategic or practitioner level. I also hold an MSc in Public Relations. I view myself as an articulate, calm and confident communicator with the necessary influencing skills to build relationships and work to deliver SMART objectives.


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